Golgatha is the common name of the spot where the Christian prophet Jesus was crucified. It is interpreted by the evangelists as meaning "the place of a skull" (Mt 27:33, Mr 15:22, Joh 19:17). Its name represents in Greek letters the Aramaic word Gulgaltha, which is the Hebrew Gulgoleth meaning "a skull." Therefore the name Golgatha represents the skull-mountain, looking like a skull and bearing the bones of the crucified… According to Origenes the skull of Adam is buried there. Golgatha-mountain is located at the northern side of Jerusalem and became a kind of symbolic place for the ongoing conflict between the source of western religion on the one hand and oriental belief on the other. It can be seen as a representative for the current ideological and religious conflict happening between east and west. The music of :Golgatha: appears to be a careful reflection of this seemingly eternal conflict on a mythical as well as concrete level – yet without taking one of these sides. There has to be another way of dealing with humanities darkest aspects…

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:Golgatha: are: Christoph D. (vocals, lyrics, several drums, sounds, flute), S. Marleni (guitar, keyboards, vocals, lyrics), Sorakey (vocals, Lyrics, artwork).

Occasional Guests: Anna-Maria K. (viola), Ildìko (vocals), Patrick Leagas (vocals, lyrics), Tony Wakeford (vocals), Beinhaus (several drums, sounds), Herbst9 (sounds, mixing), Mink Moe (keyoards), Tho-So-Aa (sounds), Claudia J. (vocals).

Mixing and Mastering: Deadlock Mutex at Somewhere in Europe Studio.

Credits: Stéphane / Athanor, Roger / Cold Meat, Volker / Eternal Soul, Jeremy / Nocturne, Marcus / :Ikonen: media.


:Golgatha: is in no way connected with any Blackmetal-bands of similar name. The [:] are part of the name and the concept. They symbolize the inner concept of the band.

:Golgatha: may present a somehow pessimistic vision du monde but does not support intolerant, reactionary, totalitarian as well as militaristic opinions. We are searching for a balanced view, therefor always the whole picture should be considered - not the supposedly 'pleasing' excerpt. Deep listening is required!