The following pieces are exclusive to this homepage and will never appear in this form on any future CD.

1. Kinneret – excerpt of the original soundtrack recording to an archaeological documentary (June 2005) representing the ambient/ritual-side of the project.

2. Moral Crisis – an early post-industrial-montage (September 2004).

3. Flesh of the Orchid Demo Mix - the acoustic preview (January 2006) version of a song planned for a future release.

4. Shadow of the Past - premix of the original soundtrack recordings for the shortfilm 'Schatten der Vergangenheit' (June 2006) representing the more dark and atmospheric side of :Golgatha:.

5. First Encounter - demomix of the original soundtrack for Thomas Klein's short film First Encounter (January 2007).

6. Worldserpent live 2007 - Song from 'Kydos' played live in a totally different acoustic version. This track is inspired by Yukio Mishima book 'Sun & Steel'. Due to its nature the live sound is not up to studio standards.

Other (non-exclusive tracks):

7. Kydos Montage - soundsamples from the CD "Kydos - Reflections on heroism" (Athanor November 2005)

8. Icarus Montage - soundsamples from the CD "Icarus e.p." (:Ikonen: media January 2006)

9. Seven Pillars Montage - soundsamples from the forthcoming CD "Seven Pillars" (Athanor 2006)

10. Transgression Montage - soundsamples from the forthcoming CD "Tales of Transgression and Sacrifuice" (Cold Meat 2007)

11. Beinhaus - Wenn ich mir was wünschen dürfte (Vienna 1953 Mix) - Acoustic-Remix by :Golgatha:, inspired by the motion picture THE NIGHT PORTER (this is a hyperlink, copyright and full responsibility by Beinhaus)