The Horns of Joy

Trisol (Germany) release on July 1rst, 2011

13 songs about Nihilism - and it overcoming. Featuring Dev of While Angels Watch and David of Dawn & Dusk Entwined.

1. Enchantment
2. Fertility
3. The Iron Rose
4. The Horns Of Joy
5. Hymn For The Fallen One
6. The Dogs Of War
7. The Sound Of War
8. Hammer Or Anvil
9. Body Of Wind
10. Nihil
11. Rising
12. Dukha
13. Death In Honour



Lovesongs from the Wasteland

selfreleased on Bandcamp (August 2010)

Official download compilation of representative songs

1. Icarus - Album Version 03:31
2. Garden of Love - Demo 02:45
3. Men of Fire 03:37
4. Crusade 03:12
5. Lost Horizon 03:27
6. Flesh of the Orchid - Album Version 03:19
7. Fertility V.1 03:39
8. Syria 05:26
9. Messiah 05:30
10. Perceval 03:52
11. Rising V.1 05:12
12. Final Age of Heroism 04:18
13. The Loss 04:18
14. Hidden Bonustrack
15. Hidden Bonustrack



Waste Land

Cold Meat Industry 2009 (September 2009)

Cd in 6-panel digipak with linernotes

'Where they created a desert they call it peace.'

1. Purification
2. Vortex of Life
3. Eternal Kali Yuga
4. Transmutation
5. The End
6. Shadowland
7. Echoes from the Past
8. Prayer
9. Agonia / Invasion
10. The Clash
11. Ruins
12. Room 101
13. March and Elegy
14. Waste Land - Cactus Land
15. Shred Your Skin (from SAW II soundtrack, 2006)
16. In the Crystal Cage (from Crystal cage compilation, 2004)

:Golgatha: is Christoph D. (vocals, African drums, sound treatment) and Alexander D. (acoustic guitar, bamboo flute, Siberian head-voice), aided by Katarina N. (violin effects on 11 and 12), Robert K. (metal scratching on 10), Lutz R. (drone on 13). Recorded and mixed between July 2004 and March 2005. Remastered and reworked by Christoph Donarski and S. Marleni Somewhere in Europe, January 2009.

This is the reworked and remastered edition of the original debut-album with additional artwork of the time and two bonustracks. The original was limited 150 (ed. 1 and 2) and is sold out now.


Birthe Klementowski & :Golgatha:


MidNight Productions 2009 (May 2009)

CD in digipak with 12 pages booklet

In 2007 :Ikonen: media (Germany) published a postcard-collection by photo artists Birthe Klementowski called ‘Circles’. The limited (10), cloth-bound and hand-numbered edition was accompanied by a black CDr e.p. featuring ambient tracks on the cycles of life and death, inspired by these photos. ‘Cycles’ (2009) is a completely reworked reincarnation of this exclusive collaborative project and features remixes of the original songs, two re-recordings and two bonus tracks originally not included in the edition.

For the purpose of this recording :Golgatha: was: Christoph Donarski (all instruments, voice and samples), S. Marleni (bass guitar), Sorakey (female voice). Guests: Mink Moe (Keyboards), Anna-Maria K. (viola). Recorded between 2005 and 2008, mixed and mastered Somewhere in Europe in December 2008. Track 3 is inspired by Antonin Artaud, track 4 by Charles Baudelaire. Track 6 is inspired by Clair Denis and was perceived at Seoul / Korea. Thanks to Deng of MidNight records for his trust and enthusiasm. All material © 2009 by :Golgatha: and Birthe Klementowski.

Cycle I Santur Rising
Cycle II Circle of Dreams
Cycle III Le Cycle du Soleil Noir
Cycle IV Circle of Desire
Cycle V Sunur Descending
Cycle VI The Enemy Within
Cycle VII Phoenix


Dawn & Dusk Entwined / :Golgatha:

Sang Graal

Cold Meat Industry 2008 (June 2008)

CD in 6-panel-digipak with linernotes

'In its astral-mythical origins, long before its Christian interpretation, the Holy Grail is the spring and the magic cauldron of daylight itself – the Sun. But the Sun has to be cut from the clouds and to be won: Indra in the Indian myth and Thor in the Germanic myth were the heroes who conquered the cauldron of the Sun through the Spear of Lightning. Only later this cauldron became the Christian chalice, in which Joseph of Arimatäa caught the blood of Christ, this differently ‘hot’ essence from the Other Sun…’ Ernst Bloch, The Principle of Hope

‘Sang Graal’ is an opus magnum, built in symbiotic collaboration during the last two years by the French masters of martial neo-classic Dawn and Dusk Entwined and the German Ritual-folk-band :Golgatha: - both formations well know from their recent albums in CMI. The title refers to the myth of the Saint Graal, the ‘holy grail’, and the ‘sang réal’, the bloodline of Jesus Christ. The album researches on various levels the different readings of the grail through the centuries, from an ancient fertility rite to the popular conspiracy theory. The pagan roots of this myth are once again revealed! Both bands worked on all tracks together, combining their styles and forces to create a powerful neo-classical-folk-opera with occasional glimpses of soundtrack pathos and dark ambience. A wide range of acoustic instruments was used (guitar, viola, bass guitar, flute, gong, piano, dulcimer, percussion) and at least three vocalists appear – including Sorakey from :Golgatha:’s appraised ‘Tales of Transgression and Sacrifice’. Martial tunes like ‘The Messiah’ or ‘Cross of Lorraine’ and majestic folk hymns like ‘Crusade’ and ‘A Seeker Divine’ will rule he darkest dance floors worldwide, while introspective ballads invite those interested in a deep listening experience. ‘Sang Graal’ is true audio mythology!

01 Fertility Rights
02 The Messiah
03 Magdalen
04 A Seeker Divine
05 Perceval
06 Crusade
07 What the Thunder Said
08 The Death of Dagobert II
09 Heretic Prayer
10 The Caves of Montsegur
11 The Cross of Lorraine
12 Ruins in the Waste Land
13 Spheres (and hidden bonus track Spheres II)

The digipak cover features unique photos and artwork by Birthe Klementowski and David Sabre.



Tales of Transgression & Sacrifice

Cold Meat Industry 2007 (20th of November, 2007)

CD in DVD-size Digipak with booklet

‘Transgression means to step over a certain point that normally cannot, or should not be passed; to transgress boundaries is to break down boundaries — transgression is a departure from the given, the existing, the normal, the world as we know it.’
The French philosopher Georges Bataille serves as the inspiration for the new and third fulltime album of the German ritual-folk-band :Golgatha:. Founded in 2004 by Christoph Donarski and S. Marleni, :Golgatha: began in the dark realms of ambient-drones and continually developed their use of acoustic instruments to create a unique mixture of organic and electronic elements. After two acclaimed albums on the subject of heroism, ‘Tales of Transgression & Sacrifice’ marks a certain change of course in the music of :Golgatha: – in a psychonautic trip from ritual-drumming via multi-textured soundscapes up to catchy folk-songs this album appears even more sensual, erotic and fascinating than before.

1. Prologue: Scars
2. Man of Fire
3. Sacred
4. Garden of Love (v.II)
5. Rite of Spring (v.II)
6. Tunguska
7. Hag=All
8. Lost Horizon
9. Initiation
10. Passage
11. Birth=Rite
12. Flesh of the Orchid (v.II)
13. Epilogue: Sacrisphere

Included are new versions of the songs ‘Rites of Spring’ (from CMI-compilation ‘All My Dead Friends’), ‘Garden of Love’(from NONPOP-compilation) and ‘Flesh of the Orchid’. This time :Golgatha: introduce the beautiful female voice of Sorakey besides a wide variety of acoustic instrumentation (acoustic guitar, viola, bodhran drum, Asian gong, flutes etc.).
‘Tales of Transgression & Sacrifice’ was produced in close collaboration with German photo-artist Birthe Klementowski, who has done mystic and erotic pictures for each song contained, reproduced in the booklet. The new album by German ritual-folk-band :Golgatha: will appeal to fans of apocalyptic folk, shamanistic soundscapes and gothic-mysticism alike. Comes in a very exclusive DVD-sized digipak with 32 pages booklet.



Circles I - V

:Ikonen: media 2007

Black CDr e.p. featuring ambient track on the cirles of life and death, inspired by the photography of Birthe Klementowski.

1. Circle I
2. Circle II
3. Circle III
4. Circle IV
5. Circle V

For the purpose of this recording :Golgatha: was: Christoph D. (all instruments and samples), S. Marleni (bass guitar). This limited edition of only 10 copies is part of the postcard set 'Circles' by Birthe Klementowski, bound in black cloth, on a black CDr, signed and numbered.



Seven Pillars

Athanor CD 2006

Out December 2006

"You are all alone when you live with the myths."

Musical reflections on the myth of Thomas Edward Lawrence a.k.a. Lawrence of Arabia, blending occidental and oriental sounds with ritual rtyhms, martial elements and instrospective acoustic guitar and violin melodies.

1. January 21, 1919: Orient-Occident
2. June 1909: Syria
3. March 1911: Nadir
4. July 6, 1917: Akabar
5. March 1917: Under the Desert Moon
6. October 1rst 1918: Victory
7. September 1919: The Loss
8. November 1917: The Mint
9. August 1922: Royal Air Force
10. Reflection I: Solitude
11. Reflection II: Hordes
12. May 13, 1935 : One Last Ride

:Golgatha: are: Christoph D. (sounds, flute, voice, Japanese gong, African drums, military drums, wood percussion, whispers on 4 and 12), S. Marleni (acoustic guitar, bass, keyboards, drum programming), also featuring Anna-Maria K. (viola on 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10), Claudia Jubeh (Arabian vocals and translation on 3 and 12), and T.W. (vocals on 7). Track 3 is based on the preface of The Seven Pillars of Wisdom by T.E.Lawrence. Track 7 is inspired by the poem Hugh Selwyn Mauberley by Ezra Pound. Coverlayout by Christoph D. Photographer and creative consultant Birthe Klementowski. Recorded between August 2005 and June 2006. Mixed and mastered by Deadlock Mutex somewhere in Europe. Thanks to Michel for additional recordings. Contact for Birthe Klementowski : Birthe.Klementowski@gmx.net / http:www.ikonenmagazin.de/BirtheKlementowski.htm



Icarus e.p.

:Ikonen: media MCD 2006

ORDER / Out January 15th, 2006

10 Euro incl. Postage (Germany), 15 Euro (Europe), 20 Euro (Overseas)

"Dreams die hard and you hold them in your hands long after they have turned to dust!"

MCD circling around the myth of Icarus. The song known from KYDOS is featured here in two different versions: a male/female-Mix by Chris D. and Ildíko, and the original acoustic-mix by Patrick Leagas. Two other tracks are collaborations with German darkambient-masters HERBST9.

1. Icarus Rising I (feat. Herbst9)
2. Icarus (feat. Ildiko)
3. Icarus Falling (feat. Herbst9)
4. Icarus' Law
5. Icarus Rising II (mixed by Herbst9)
6. Icarus - Original Acoustic Mix (feat. Patrick Leagas)

For the performance of this recording :Golgatha: were: Christoph D. (vocals, drums, soundsculpturing), S. Marleni (guitar, keyboards), Herbst9 (sounds, drums on 3 & 5), Ildiko (female vocals on 2), Patrick Leagas (vocals on 6). Icarus is written by Christoph D., inspired by Yukio Mishima‘s book Sun & Steel, and dedicated to the Orchid Girl. Icarus’ Law is written by :Golgatha:. Mixed and mastered by Deadlock Mutex. Contact for Patrick Leagas: Kenaz@f2s.com
(c) :Ikonen: media 2006. Made in Germany, Europe.



Kydos - Reflections on Heroism

Athanor 029 CD 2005

ORDER / Out November 25th, 2005

15 Euro incl. Postage (Germany), 18 Euro (Europe), 20 Euro (Overseas)

Official Download on Bandcamp

"To Fall - not to fly - is the Law!"

kydos means wonder, in the sense of awe; the heroic attraction resulting from cruelty in Homers epic ‘Ilias’ and ‘Odyssee’ (René Girard). The later engl. kudos means fame and renown resulting from an act or achievement; thus by logical extension is often used as a praising remark. In Europe we have passed the final age of heroism. The idea of the hero slowly fades away. When facing the ‘heroes’ of other civilizations we are overwhelmed by the scent of – death.

1. Death March
2. Fields of Honour
3. Kamikaze
4. Icarus (featuring Patrick Leagas)
5. Worldserpent
6. Heldentag (Lyrics Tony Wakeford)
7. Bury all Hope
8. In the Name of… (feat. Beinhaus)
9. Twilight Hills
10. Final Age of Heroism (feat. Patrick Leagas)

For the performance of Kydos :Golgatha: were: Christoph D. (voice, chimes, drums, Japanese gong, c-flute, sound-manipulation), S. Marleni (guitar, bass, backing vocals), Beinhaus (metal percussions, distorted sounds on track 8), Patrick Leagas (vocals). Linernotes and concept by Christoph D. Lyrics of ‘Icarus’ by Christoph D. Lyrics of ‘Heldentag’ by Tony Wakeford. Vocals and Lyrics ‘Final Age of Heroism’ by Patrick Leagas. Recorded and mixed between February and September 2005 somewhere in Europe by Deadlock Mutex.


* * *


Waste Land

GOL 01 CDr 2005 (2nd ed. July 1rst 2007)

10 Euro incl. Postage (Germany), 15 Euro (Europe), 20 Euro (Overseas, because of oversized package)

Out March 29th, 2005 / July 1rst, 2007

„Where they created a desert they call it peace“

1. Purification
2. Vortex of Life
3. Eternal Kali Yuga
4. Transmutation
5. The End
6. Shadowland
7. Echoes from the Past
8. Prayer
9. Agonia / Invasion
10. The Clash
11. Ruins
12. Room 101
13. March and Elegy
14. Waste Land - Cactus Land

:Golgatha: is Christoph D. (vocals, African drums, sound treatment) and Alexander D. (acoustic guitar, bamboo flute, Siberian head-voice), aided by Katarina N. (violin effects on 11 and 12), Robert K. (metal scratching on 10), Lutz R. (drone on 13). Recorded and mixed between July 2004 and March 2005.

This is a limited edition on CDr of 100 hand-numbered pieces. (2nd ed. 50 pieces)

* * *




ORKUS Compilation 71

(June 18th, 2011)

Orkus 2011

Free bonus compilation featuring 'The Iron Rose' (album mix).



(June 16th, 2011)

:Ikonen: media 2011

Double-CD compilation dedicated to the morbid photo art of Helmut Wolech.

Featured are the tracks 'Intro' and 'Secret Rose', both exclusive to this CD. (c) by :Golgatha:, 2011, written and performed by Donarski and Marleni. Mixed and mastered by Donarski Somewhere in Europe February 2011.



(1rst February 2010)

Tursa/Kaparte 2010

Double CD compilation from Kaparte Promotions featuring :Golgatha:'s first mix of 'Fertility' later to appear on 'The Horns of Joy' in a significantly different version.

(c) by :Golgatha:, 2009, written and performed by Christoph D. (percussion), S. Marleni (keyboards), Sorakey (female vocals). Mixed and mastered by S. Marleni Somewhere in Europe 2009.



(April 12th, 2007)

NF004 mp3-online-compilation DCD (2007)

Dowload here

Online compilation featuring :Golgatha:'s alternative mix of 'Victory II' with more emphasis ont he viola-track.

(c) by :Golgatha:, 2006, written and performed by Christoph D. (sounds, percussion), Anna-Maria K. (viola) and S. Marleni (mastering).

* * *


www.nonpop.de download compilation 2007

(5th of January, 2007)

Download here

Contains the premix of "Garden of Love", a pure acoustic version to come up on the album "Tales of Transgression and Sacrifice" (CMI 2007).

(c) by :Golgatha:, 2006. Written and performed by Christoph D. (percussion), S. Marleni (guitar, bass), Sorakey (vocals). Lyrics inspired by a poem by W. Blake. Mastered by Deadlock Mutex and S. Marleni in spring 2006.


All My Dead Friends

CMI 160 CD 2006 CD

(October 2006)

Contains the song "Rite of Spring", a shorter mix of a track to be featured on the planned release 'Tales of Transgression and Sacrifice'.

(c) by :Golgatha:, 2006. Written and performed by Christoph D. (drums, voice, Japanese gong, field recordings), S. Marleni (Keyboards) and Sorakey (female vocals). Lyrics by Sorakey. Mastered by Deadlock Mutex and S. Marleni in July 2006.


Honi Soit Qui Mal Y Pense

NF003 Online mp3-DCD 2006

(released June 2006)


Online compilation featuring :Golgatha:'s demo mix of 'Flesh of the Orchid' besides Spiritual Front, In Gowan Ring, Naevus etc.

(c) by :Golgatha:, 2006, written and performed by Christoph D. (Vocals) and S. Marleni (Guitar).


Saw II (OriginalScore by Charlie Clouser)

TRI 271 CD 2006 DCD mit Bonustracks

(released March 31rst, 2006)

Contains the :Golgatha:-Track "Shred your skin" as an exclusive bonus-recording not featured in the motion picture itself. Other participants CD#2: SIEBEN - Oh Yes There Will Be Blood, SPIRITUAL FRONT - The Gift Of Life, ROSA CRVX - Lethali, :GOLGATHA: - Shred Your Skin, GARDEN OF DELIGHT - Lux Occulta II, MIND.IN.A.BOX - The Game (Introspection), MÜLLÉR OF DEATH! - Écrases L'Infâme, SAMSAS TRAUM - Sequence 26 (SAW II Edit), PUNTO OMEGA - Sawtooth, DIE FORM - The Saw, KIRLIAN CAMERA - New Intruder, XPQ-21 - See.Saw.Seen, THE DEADFLY ENSEMBLE - Smaller And Smaller, OSTARA - If The Dead Could See

(c) by :Golgatha:, 2006. Written and performed by Christoph D. (vocals, sounds) & S. Marleni (drums, glockenspiel, programming), aided by Ildíko (violin). Mixed by Deadlock Mutex.


...in the Crystal Cage

Isolationist Soundscapes for the Inner Cinema

ikon02 CD Compilation (:Ikonen: media)

15 Euro incl. Postage (Germany), abroad: 20 Euro incl. Postage


(released 23rd of November 2004)

75 Minutes of fascinating atmospheric music in a dark and beautiful three-panel-digipak. Featuring: Inade (D), Herbst9 (D), Anenzephalia (D), Fir§t Law (D), Shining Vril (GB), Galerie Schallschutz (D), Troum (D), Apoptose (D), Tho-So-Aa (D), Drape Excrement (D), Naevus (GB), Pilori (D), Golgatha (D)

This CD features 2 Tracks by :Golgatha: called "Intro" and "Outro". For these recordings :Golgatha: were Christoph D. und Lutz Rach (Tho-So-Aa)


CONCERTS by :Golgatha:

1.) May 28th 2007 Leipzig Wave-Gotik-Treffen, Ger

2.) December 31rst 2007 Zürich Dynamo, Switzerland

3.) March 22nd 2008 Kantine Augsburg, Germany

4.) December 20th, 2008, Palette, Halle, Germany

5.) August 8th, 2009, Summer Darkness, Utrecht, NL

6.) December 19th, 2009, Bunker, Chemnitz, Germany

7.) August 26th, 2010, Alexander the Great, Mainz, Germany

8.) March 17th, 2912, Viper Room, Vienna, Austria (final performance)